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The dates have been decided, local music festival the Fresno Urban Sound Experience is happening September 6th, 7th and 8th this year!

Like last year, there will be two nights (and some day time stuff too) of music. There is also a new third night, a special preview night, during September ArtHop (that’s Thursday night the 6th).

There will be a nice mix of new and returning venues this year. Frank’s Place at Warnors will return as will Fulton 55 and Tokyo Garden. And there is a nod to year-one as the old Milano’s (now the Fresno Brewing Company) returns, plus a couple new spots you’ll find out more about later.

Gettin’ pumped already. Have a band you MUST see at this year’s festival?

5 Responses to SAVE THE DATE!: F.U.S.E. FEST 2012 Is…

  1. Hello Fuse Festival and Creative Fresno, my name is Marcus G. Murrietta and I am the current trumpet player for Valley Of Ashes ( our music is all original reggae/rock/hiphop/jazz. How can i get our band to be apart of 2012 lineup? I have performed at the FuseFest in the past with my other band BASURA, we played evening show at Tokyo Garden. We would be a great addition to this event, our music is friendly to all ages and strive to bring the crowd to their feet. Please email or call me (559) 313-9327 if you would like to be guestlisted to a show to check us out, just around the corner i will have a CD of our music to give to you guys as well. Thank you very much for your time,

    Marcus G. Murrietta

  2. joey medina says:

    Hello, my name is Joey Medina and I am the drummer for Bully The Kid. We played FUSE fest last year and had a GREAT time!! I was wondering when you guys will be choosing band lineups for this years festival as we would LOVE to be a part of it again!! If anyone has any information for me regarding this, that would be amazing. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you for your time!

    Joey- Bully The Kid

  3. Michael says:

    Please consider The Valley Cats for this years event.

  4. Isabel says:

    Please bring Rademacher back this year! Also Argyle Pimps!


  5. Jeffresno says:

    My wishlist:
    Light Thieves
    Slow Season (Visalia)
    Strawberry Jam

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F.U.S.E. 2014 VENUES

Friday, September 26
Fulton 55
875 Divisadero St. (at Fulton Street)

Saturday, September 27
Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden
745 Fulton St.

Peeve's Public House
1243 Fulton Mall

Tokyo Garden
1711 Fulton St.


$25 Festival Package includes: festival pass, shirt, CD ($20 for Creative Fresno members)
$15 Festival pass
$15 F.U.S.E. 2014 shirt
$10 Fulton 55 or Tioga-Sequoia only
$5 Peeve's or Tokyo Garden after party
$10 CD