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Fresno Urban Sound Experience hits the media circuit

Yesterday was a busy one for the festival.  We did a mini-media tour, visiting with Zara and Jenny at Channel 47 (at 6:15 in the a.m. no less) and Bill McEwen over at the video and the audio clip for lots of F.U.S.E.-related info.

Then, tune in for a super-special all-local edition of Ozmosis this Sunday and look for an brand-new installement of Flowing with Famous next week.

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F.U.S.E. 2014 VENUES

Friday, September 26
Fulton 55

Saturday, September 27
Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden
Peeve's Public House
Tokyo Garden


$25 Festival Package includes: festival pass, shirt, CD ($20 for Creative Fresno members)
$15 Festival pass
$10 Friday night only
$5 Tokyo Garden after party