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The FUSE Fest requires a collection of able bodies to make the event run as smoothly as possible. We are looking for courteous, helpful, outgoing, friendly people to help make the FUSE Fest a success!

Venue Manager

Preferably in teams of two, the Venue Manager is the FuSE Festival Liaison at each venue. They will be the point of contact for the bands performing at the venue, and for the staff at each venue. They will provide assistance to the best of their abilities to both the bands and venue staff. They will assist the door staff at their venue. They must be able to make decisions regarding minor issues and direct major issues to the FuSE Festival Leads. Not required but it helps, the Venue Manager should be able to make public announcements at their venue. Information such as the performance schedule, promoting the pedi-cabs and other venues, as well as additional general information is very beneficial to audience members.

Door Staff for each Venue

Door Staff will act as greeters for each venue, providing information such as who is playing, where things are (restroom, bar, other venues, etc), and in general represent a first point of contact at each venue. They will also serve as gatekeepers to ensure that audience members have a festival wristband, and direct people who don’t to where they can acquire one.


Stagehands help move band-gear in and out of the various venues and provide assistance to the bands to the best of their abilities. They should be able to lift 50lbs without hurting themself. Technical knowledge is not necessary, but certainly is a plus. Stagehands also are available to assist the Venue Manager and Door Staff.

Thank you to our FUSE 2011 contributors

Amanda Loveless
Andy Hansen-Smith
Anti Laboratories
Craig Kohlruss
Cynthia Cooper
Dale Stewart
Devoya Mayo
Fernando Santillan
Friends of the Fresno County Library
Irma L. Olguin Jr.
Jake and Sarah Soberal
Jennifer Seay
John Jordan
Laura Mock
Lisa Vincent
Martin Franco
Mike Seay
Nader Assemi
Reid May
Rotary Storyland & Playland
Spanspek Music and Arts Festival
Spitzer’s Soundstage
Terri Uyeki
Travis Sheridan

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F.U.S.E. 2014 VENUES

Friday, September 26
Fulton 55
875 Divisadero St. (at Fulton Street)

Saturday, September 27
Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden
745 Fulton St.

Peeve's Public House
1243 Fulton Mall

Tokyo Garden
1711 Fulton St.


$25 Festival Package includes: festival pass, shirt, CD ($20 for Creative Fresno members)
$15 Festival pass
$15 F.U.S.E. 2014 shirt
$10 Fulton 55 or Tioga-Sequoia only
$5 Peeve's or Tokyo Garden after party
$10 CD