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About the festival

Detroit has Motown,
Chicago has the Blues
& Seattle has Grunge…

What about Fresno? We have something else altogether — our own diverse sound, a musical landscape that reaches across genres — from rock to rap, alternative to jazz, and every other style thrown in. In its third year, Fresno Urban Sound Experience is an authentic celebration of the bands, musicians, promoters, and venues that make up our city’s sound.

Make a decision.

Right now, you need to decide this is something you want to be part of. Forget all the things that might keep you away. Forget what you’ve heard or think you know about Fresno’s music scene. Experience if for yourself. This is downtown after dark and it’s fun. And yes, that’s very much OK.

Be a patron.

This is not just about the music. It’s also about a vision of what downtown is and can be. It’s about those things that bring you back — the food, the drinks and the atmosphere. People will mingle. Consume. They will eat, drink and be merry, and at the end of the night, file it all away in the memory bank.

Fresno Urban Sound Experience is brought to you by the fine minds of Creative Fresno.

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One Response to About the festival

  1. John Neeley says:

    I am a local songwriter. I don’t have a band, but I play pretty good with a drum machine and might get going enough to start a band, which I was hoping would be authentic Christian rock, if their is such a thing. I’m on YouTube as Kneebow777. I had my music videos posted there, but I removed them because I didn’t know if it was so unorthadox that it was blapshemy, which I pray it is not, because I use my testimony with rock music I play and I don’t know if that is okay. Still, I think i’m good enough to hold my own with bands like Sleepover Disaster, and that is not a boast. Please e-mail me information about the local scene. I used to work at Tower Records in the late nineties when it was still open and have met people in local bands who are still around today. My vision of a local scene is freedom from traditions and of expression, and freedom of worship, which our constitution affords. E-mail me, like I alluded to, please, so I can be more in touch with the local scene and perhaps contribute to it.

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F.U.S.E. 2014 VENUES

Friday, September 26
Fulton 55

Saturday, September 27
Warnors Theatre Complex including Frank's Place
Peeve's Public House
Tokyo Garden


$25 Festival Package includes: festival pass, shirt, CD ($20 for Creative Fresno members)
$15 Festival pass
$10 Friday night only
$5 Tokyo Garden after party